VIDEO: Zubr From Belarus Sneaks To Latvia For Local Cows And Apples

A farmer from Latvia noticed a zubr who was flirting with his cows on Friday, 8 September.

Instincts are stronger than borders!

belarusian zubr latvia

The intruder was spotted in Berzini parish of the Dagda Municipality, which is bordering part of Vitebsk region.

After some “communication” with cows, the zubr (or European bison) went on to taste apples in the garden, locals told Delfi.lv.

According to them, this hasn’t happened in the parish for a long time ago.

The appearance of the wild animal caused great interest of local residents and hunters, who were ready to risk their safety to take a picture with the beast.

By the way, it behaved calmly, though did not let people approach too closely.

“Andris (the farmer – note BelarusFeed) said that it is a male, of about two years old.

Most likely, it came from Belarus, because in spring farmers of another parish saw a bison walking near the border,” a local resident explained to Delfi.

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Zubr was walking in Berzini parish until the late evening. Later, residents of the neighboring parish reported seeing the bison, too.

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