You Can Now Stamp Your Own Souvenir Coin At Komarovka Market

Minsk biggest market has opened its own mint! Well, a small one, but offering visitors cute memories that they can take with themselves.

The stall where the coins are stamped is located next to the entrance to the seasonal market (the open part of Komarovka).

At present it is operating in a test mode three days a week – on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

The head of the coin portrays the woman selling sunflower seeds, the sculpture that is considered to be the market’s symbol. The tail is decorated with a traditional Belarusian pattern and an inscription saying “Be happy and prosper”.

There are also cliches with other landmarks of Minsk.


One can stamp the souvenir coin by themselves with the help of a craftsman. The cost of one coin is 5 rubles, or $2.6.

Pictures: komarovka.by