You Can Now See How Legendary Belarus Tractors Are Made! Minsk Tractor Works Starts Industrial Tours

Minsk Tractor Works (MTZ trademark) opens its doors for tourists and plans to develop industrial tourism, the plant’s spokesman told the media on Wednesday, 18 January. 

During the tour visitors will get an insight into all stages of tractor production from the metal-cutting shop where gears and axles are made to the assembly shop where the main assembly line of the enterprise is located.


“We are ready to welcome tourists. At the moment we are processing applications for the future tours”, the spokesman said.

According to him, a group of 40 guests from Lithuania have already applied for a tour in February.

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Based on the information on MTZ website, tours will be organized on weekdays at 10.00 and at 13.00. Applications should be filed as least 1 work day prior to the tour for individuals and a least 3 working days ahead for legal entities (maximum size of the tour group – 30 people).

Besides the Russian language, guided tours may be conducted in English, Spanish and German. The language should be requested during the application.

The entrance fee is 2.5 Belarusian rubles for children (12-18 year olds, children under 12 are not allowed), 5 rubles for Belarusian citizens and 9 rubles for foreign nationals.

You can sign in for an excursion by calling +375 17 246 69 39 or writing to mtztourism@belarus-tractor.com.