Belarus Opens 3rd Stage Of Winter Swimming Championship In Minsk

More than 400 swimmers took a dip in ice cold water during Belarus’ open winter swimming championship Minsk Open and the 3rd stage of the IWSA World Cup.

Prepare for huge goosebumps!

The opening ceremony took place in the city centre of the Belarusian capital on Wednesday, 17 January, in frigid temperature of -4C°.

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Braving the cold the daredevils from 18 countries gathered at the Svisloch River near the Minsk Sports Center to compete and challenge themselves.

With -4°C outside and the temperature of water just few degrees higher, men and women were covering distances of 450 metres.

Among them were athletes from Russia, Poland, Germany, Chile, England, Israel, Mongolia and Kazakhstan.

“When you leave the icy water, it’s cold and warm at the same time. My hands just froze a bit but I’m fine. And a leg… I just started winter swimming when got into an accident.

But there was no thought of stopping swimming. On the contrary. Water invigorates, it helps. I am setting an example for youths.

I inspired many, as soon as I see someone is good at swimming at the pool I call them to join our club of “walruses”,” shared Michael Andronov from Cheboksary.

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The man practices winter swimming for about 10 years now.

The IWSA World Cup will last till 21 January and include butterfly, endurance swims, breaststroke and freestyle team relays.

Watch video from the 3rd stage of the IWSA World Cup:

Sources: TUT.BY, BelTA