No Winter For Belarus? Frost And Snow Will Totally Disappear In 20 Years

As the planet is quickly heading for the “point of no return”, climate in Belarus will also face significant changes in the next 20 years.

Winter with snow and frost will basically disappear.

Belarusian scientists compiled an ananalytical report that defines the agroclimatic zones of Belarus for future decades.

According to their calculations, by the 2040-2060s temperatures in Brest region will be above zero all year round.

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If the predictions turn right, Brest residents will no longer be able to enjoy frosty mornings or fierce snow fights in the near future.

Farmers in the southern regions of the country will have to re-adjust too, as they’ll have a chance to grow melons and grapes.

belarus climate

The left map shows a current state of the agroclimatic zones in Belarus, the right one shows its state after 2040.

The duration of the warm period will fluctuate from 280 to 310 days. It means the Belarusians will have up to 35 extra warm days a year.

As to the amount of precipitation, in spring and autumn it will remain the same and just slightly increase in autumn and winter.

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However, due to the increase in temperature, summers will become dryer. Approximately one-third of the territory will become arid or slightly arid.

The worst-case scenario will see temperatures rising by 2.3-3.1 degrees. The number of days with temperature above zero will increase to 54.