One Solid Reason Why Belarusians Don’t Smile

An average European or American coming to Belarus is typically puzzled at how unsmiling and stone-faced Belarusians are.

A traveler’s like “Hey, I’ve heard folks here are very friendly, so it is a lie or do they just hide it?”

Well, as a matter of fact, we do smile but very rarely.

Ok, then WHY is it so?

Some might think it’s the turbulent and sad history – WWII, Chernobyl and 70 years in the USSR – the economic hardships, the consequences of the infamous political “D” label or just a national trait.

Well, while of those reasons might have some grounds behind them, the biggest reason for the grumpiness of Belarusians is much simpler.

And closer. It’s just outside.

It’s the WEATHER! ☔??

It’s the end of April now, and in two months of spring we’ve only had about two weeks of good weather. Which weren’t even entire weeks, but one or two days here and there.

While the whole of Europe is blooming and sunbathing, we are wearing scarfs, gloves and umbrellas in Belarus. No kidding.

Here’s what Minsk looked like at the beginning of March…

In the middle…

In early April…

And yesterday…

See any difference?

So next time you arrive to Belarus from somewhere it is warm, bring us some warmth and smiles.

And we will smile back! ?

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