Not The Drunkest Country Anymore! New WHO Report Reveals Drop In Alcohol Consumption in Belarus

Belarus has lost its “title” of the drunkest country in the world. According to 2016 data presented by a World Health Organization official in Vilnius on Tuesday, Lithuanians consume most alcohol in the world, while Belarus accounts for the second largest number of alcohol consumed by the population.

Last year Lithuanians drank an average of 16 liters of alcohol, Gauden Galea, Director of the Division of Noncommunicable Diseases and Life-course at WHO/Europe revealed.

This makes Lithuania “the drunkest country in Europe as well as the world’s ‘top drinker,” Galea said.

Photo: World Health Organization via delfi.lt

Belarus came second, with an average consumption of 15 liters. Top 5 includes Latvia (13 liters), Russia and Poland (12 liters).

The problem of spirits consumption is most effectively solved in Western Europe, the WHO official said. Galea also noted that Belarus belongs to a group of countries where alcohol consumption is decreasing rapidly.

It should be noted that the data provided by Belarusian health officials differs from that of the WHO.

According to the Ministry of Healthcare of Belarus, the annual consumption of alcohol per capita in the country has been gradually decreasing since 2011, and made 9.05 liters per person per year at the beginning of 2016. The country has developed a special program to prevent and overcome drunkenness by 2020.

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Source: TUT.BY