In The Name Of Love. Belarusian Wheelchair Man Skydives With Parachute (Photos, Video)

Disability is not inability. Alexander Avdevich, from Lida in Grodno region, is a living proof of this statement and this is why.

Are you afraid of Google maps?

It takes a lot of courage to go skydiving and even more of it is needed when you’re a wheelchair user.

It’s not every day you see or hear someone with a disability jumping with a parachute. Well, today is the day.

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Attached to a professional instructor, Sasha did a tandem jump from a 3 kilometre height.

The yound daredevil did it for a very sweet reason – in the name of love to his girlfriend.

Sharing his skydiving experience, Sasha took to Facebook page where he wrote:

“Before the jump the instructor asked only one question: “Man, are you afraid of Google maps?”

As to the wheelchair, the guys didn’t even paid attention to it and refused to see it at all.

I mean, we even didn’t discuss the matter. You know why? Cause that’s a bullshit.”

The 31-year-old is one of the most recognizable wheelchair users in Belarus. Seven years ago a road accident made Sasha disabled.

Since then the man moves only in a wheelchair, but that doesn’t stop him from living a life to the fullest.

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BelarusFeed already wrote about his unprecendent 3,000km trip around Europe on a hand-bike.

His route included Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Belgium and other European states.

You can follow Sasha on his Youtube channel (InvaLIFE), Instagram (@avdevich) and Facebook.