9 Utterly WEIRD Moments From Independence Day Parade In Belarus

On Monday, 3 July, Belarus celebrated Independence day. There were concerts, a firework and a traditional parade accompanied with a preceeding tank-and-tree accident and opposition from some citizens.

This year, in addition to the traditional military and sports parade, there was something else – something that literally blew everyone’s minds and got people puzzled.

After the soldiers, tanks and tractors, there came trucks loaded with bread:

… and with milk!

Then there were also moving stands with meat and sausages from Belarusian meat-processing plants…

… and sofas and chairs from Belarusian furniture makers.

Oh, these one with tyres from Belnefteknim looked even cute! But because there are zubr pictures, so we’re biased here:

But the biggest hit was this truck with a tub!

Why, would you ask? Well, look at the other side of the stand:

Also, there were moving expositions with people who demonstrated clothers and footwear from Belarusian brands:

And FYI, we also have some very fashionable white goods in Belarus:

One more uncommon part of the parade was the tractor ballet.

Yep, we enjoyed it at Minsk tractor plant’s jubilee, but it looked very surprising at the parade:

The director of the “civil part” of the parade said he was satisfied with how the show went.

“It was good work. Everyone liked the parade, everyone was very pleased…”, he told TUT.BY. “The whole thing has become creative (in comparison with the first parades 20 years ago – note BF). It was interesting to watch”.

You bet!