Water Tourism Festival At Augustow Canal Starts On 15-16 April

The international water tourism festival Neman Spring 2018 will take place at the Augustow Canal on 15-16 April.

Join in!

The traditional festival opens a new water tourism season in Belarus.

There will be master classes on managing a kayak on a turbulent river and building your own kayak out of improvised materials.

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Songs around a campfire and a competition for the title of the fastest person to eat tinned meat will be arranged.

Teams from all over the country as well as guests from Russia, Ukraine, and Poland will take part in the event.

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It is important for us to demonstrate that active leisure can be interesting for everyone.

This year’s program will be full of not only sport events but entertainment and education events,”

said Sergei Koleda, Deputy Chairman of the public association Republican Tourist and Sports Union (RTSU).

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Around 200 athletes will compete in tourism and applied sports relating to water tourism.

Several distances will be crossed in kayaks and catamarans within two days.

The festival will be solemnly opened at the tourist camp Nemnovo in the morning on 15 April.

The Neman Spring festival has been organized by the Belarusian Sports and Tourism Ministry, the public association Republican Tourist and Sports Union (RTSU), and the Sport and Tourism Office of the Grodno District Executive Committee.

Source: BelTA