WATCH: 8 Tractors Crazy Rush In 17km Off-Road Rally In Belarus

Inspired by the success of team Belarus at 2017 Dakar Rally, Minsk Tractor Works decided to test its legendary vehicles in harsh racing challenge. Eight tractors competed in 17km off-road rally on Saturday, 28 January.

Seven tractors BELARUS-3522 – the most powerful MTZ vehicles – and one caterpillar tractor rushed between villages Paryzh and Mosar in Vitebsk region.

Watch Belarus tractors being prepared for the race


Start of the race:

They had to break through snow-covered plowed fields, water and mud pits, forest trails and artificial barriers.

Iron racers demonstrated their football skills at the finish line:

The place for the race was not chosen by chance (there’s a lot of tricky race terrain in Belarus).

Trick is, the name of the first village in Belarusian is homophonous with Paris, the starting point of the famous Paris-Dakar race.

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To the surprise of the organizers, the event attracted about 4,500 spectators – probably more than there are residents in both villages combined.

At the award ceremony, MTZ representatives said they’d like to make Paryzh-Mosar tractor rally a good tradition.

Video credit: TUT.BY