WATCH: Belarusian Guy Dips Potato Pancake In Cream During 25m Jump

While the British bungee jump to dunk biscuits in tea, we in Belarus do it with DRANIKIS!

Nikolay Glasovskiy, a lover of extreme and bungee jump instructor from Minsk, has responded to a Guinness record bungee jump biscuit dunk and dived 25m down to dip a potato pancake called dranik into sour cream.

The video was filmed last weekend and posted online on Monday.

It quickly went viral in Belarus and neighboring countries which is not surprising considering that dranik is the most-loved dish among Belarusians! It is usually served with sour cream or other sause.

The Belarusian was inspired by Simon Berry, 24, from the UK, who was named a Guinness World Record holder after completing the highest bungee dunk, combining his passions for biscuits and bungees.


Simon Berry smashed the record with a 73.41 metres bungee dunk, significantly bettering the previous record of 60.553 metres that was achieved by Ron Jones (USA) in 2013.

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