Belarus Military Invented Fake Enemy State For Zapad-2017 And The Internet Responded Perfectly

A new state called Vaišnoria, or Veishnoria, has suddenly appeared in the west of Belarus. It was originally a fake one, but there’s so much hype on the Internet about it, that Veishnoria now seems more than real.

Belarusians are already filing applications for citizenship!

Veishnoria is one of the three imaginary states in the scenario of the military exercises that will be part of the forthcoming Russia-Belarus drills Zapad-2017, heavily worrying NATO states.

It is located in the north-west of modern Belarus and neighbors two other fake states – Vesbaria (Lithuania, Central and Western Latvia) and Luben (North-East of Poland, the South-West of Lithuania)

According to the plan of the exercises, relations between “West” (the coalition of the three imaginary states) and “North” (Belarus and Russia) deteriorate on the basis of interethnic, ethnic and religious contradictions, as well as territorial claims.

“West” wants to conquer part of Belarus and proclaim a new state of Veisnoria, and afterwards occupy the entire territory of Belarus.

As usual, Belarusian Internet users have responded with humor to the situation around Zapad 2017.

It started when people noted that the borders of Veishnoria surprisingly coincide with the electoral map of an opposition candidate Zianon Pazniak at the 1994 elections.

In 24 hours Veishnoria got its flag and emblem – people suggested several different versions.

Later someone created an account of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Veishnoria on Twitter. The account already has over 800 followers.

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The country also has an official Cyrillic website and has announced the issuance of passports to citizens. At the time of publication, there were over 1700 people waiting to become Veishnoria’s citizens.

The national currency of Veishnoria is exchanged at the rate of 5 USD per 1 VSN (but only in cash exchange offices inside the country):

Veishnoria was has been officially recognized by the fake account of Russia’s MFA, that has over 250,000 followers:

“We announce the establishment of diplomatic relations with the Republic of Veishnoria. Welcome dear friends!”

The new country even got a page in the Belarusian Wikipedia. However, the page was soon deleted and now redirects to the page of the Zapad 2017 exercise.

As a result, it less that 24 hours Veishnoria rose to the top in the trends of Belarusian Twitter.

Souvenirs from Veishnoria are coming soon!

Source: TUT.BY