Visually Impaired Man Rides Bike On Busy Minsk Streets And This Is Why

How do you ride a bike on busy city streets when you are visually impaired? Well, Evgeniy Markevich, who took part in Ride4women bike ride, knows the answer.

He can’t see but he can ride.

Ride4Women, an ambitious road bicycle tour across Europe to raise awareness for women’s cancer, took place in Minsk.

On 8 July over 1,000 bicycle riders took to the capital’s broad avenues and Evgeniy was one of them.

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The 25-year-old has trouble picturing of ​​what it means to see, the man lost his sight in early childhood.

“I see only the contours of objects, while the colours are very blurred. Sometimes when a white veil covers my eyes, I feel really nasty.

But there is nothing worse than when they call me blind. It is more correct to say a visually impaired,” Evgeniy explains.

The stubborn young man started running two years ago. Since then he took part in a series of marathons, including 42km in Warsaw.

And now – with the help of his friend and volunteers of the Minsk bicycle society – he mastered the bicycle.

Although Eugene learned to ride a tandem bicycle, on Sunday he twisted the pedals of an ordinary mountain bike.

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“I like riding alone,” the guy admits.

Accompanied by volunteers, he managed to ride the entire distance from the National Library to the Sports Palace, which is over 8 km.

At the moment, the ethusiastic athlete has a new goal.

“I want like to try myself in a triathlon. I already mastered bicycling and running, only swimming is a bit problematic.”