How Much Grodno Earned On Lavish Visa-Free Tourists In 2017

Visa-free tourists have spent over $10 million in Grodno over the last 12 months.

Keep calm, more money is coming!

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A visa-free entry program to the recreation park Augustow Canal in Grodno region was launched on October 26 last year.

Since then over 43,000 tourists from 65 countries have visited the city and its surroundings, BelTA reports.

How much do they spend?

“On the average, foreign tourists stayed for two and more days in Grodno and Grodno region, spending from €100 to €120 a day.

Thereby, visa-free tourists have spent more than $10 million in total.”

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The information was made public by Oleg Andreichik, the head of the Sports and Tourism Department of the Grodno Oblast Executive Committee, on October 26.

Why do they come?

“A new impetus was given to educational tourism and medical, nostalgic, and historical tourism. We welcome visitors of different ages and preferences.

The important thing is that many of them come back to Grodno with their families and friends,” Oleg Andreichik noted.

What is more important is that afer visiting the Augustow Canal Park many foreigners want to learn more about Belarus and its people.

Impact on the region’s economy

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The number of Grodno-based inbound travel agencies increased from 9 to 73 over the last 12 months.

More than 20 new facilities were commissioned in 2016-2017, including four hotels, nine food facilities, and several museums.

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Souvenir shops and summer cafes and restaurants are springing up like mushrooms after the rain.

The export of tourism services in the region has surged by almost 40%, making up about $2 million in Grodno alone.

Future plans

Grodno region has come up with an initiative to extend the period of visa-free stay to ten days.

This move will promote the development of recreational and medical tourism in the first place.

Apart from vehicle checkpoints, visa-free tourists will be able to use the railway station and Grodno Airport.

Sources: TUT.BY, BelTA