Vika And Kids. How Baby Bump Azarenka Trained Young Players In Minsk

In July Belarusian tennis star Victoria Azarenka announced her pregnancy and a break from sports. In August Vika came to Minsk to hold a training camp for children.

For two days on August 25-26 she was sharing her experience with young sportsmen and answering their questions, that sometimes were too bold even for the cunniest journos.


See some of the best pics from the event – of kids, Vika with a cute baby bump and a good-looking young man who might as well be…

Here’s Vika arriving…


… and they start with a warm-up.


2012 Olympic champion invited 40 children from 12 tennis schools in Belarus to Victory Camp.


Victoria has done traning sessions for children before, but this time she intended to make it more professional and specialized. The lesson started with a warm-up held by coaches from the National center for Olympic training.

Azarenka watched her alumni, while kids were trying very hard and even refused to make brakes in order to surprise their idol.


During doubles the tennis start played together with children, which made them feel both joyful and extremelly responsible. The youngest trainees would start crying, but Victoria managed to find the right words to support them.


She was accompanied by a young man. The two have recently made several appearances in public.


Such a CUTIE!!!


His name is Bill McKeague and he is an American, but that’s pretty much all that is known about him. For the first time Bill was seen with Azarenka in April.


On the second day of the camp Victoria answered kids’ questions.


When asked about whether she plans to return to sport, Azarenka said she would like to take part in U.S. Open, that is held every year in August.


— What do you enjoy besides tennis?

— I like drawing and playing table tennis. I have always enjoyed cooking, and now I have more time to cook. We organize culinary battles with my Mom, but my Dad never names the winner, we always end with a tie! 

— What food do you eat?

— I adore the food cooked by my mother and my granny. I am for a healthy diet — vegetables, fruit, meat. And I also like Japanese food. I have been to Japan several times, one of my best frineds is a Japanese, so I was treated with genuine Japanese food.

— How long have you been playing tennis?

— Since I was 7. It’s twenty years already.

Well, everyone seemed to enjoy the experince! Thanks you, Vika!