Warning! After Watching These 7 Videos You’ll Want To Stay In Belarus Forever

They say a picture’s worth a thousand words. And we say, videos are actually priceless. Believe us, these top 7 footages of Belarus will prove us right and make you want apply for a permanent residence and never ever leave it.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you, okay?

1. Drone-lapse of Minsk

One year in Minsk is shown in just 2 minutes.

Morning fogs over new residential areas, golden parks in autumn, the vibe and lights of the city at night… Just WOW!

2. Minsk Gates

These two grand buildings greet every traveler who arrives Minsk by train.

But few can see all the details of Minsk Gates closely. Now you have a chance to do that.

3. The city of the Sun

So juicy you kinda want to jump into summer right away.

Minsk can be dull and grey, but when the city is sunny it looks absolutely stunning. And this video is a 100% proof to that!

4. Blue-eyed country

Since ancient times Belarus is called “lakeland” or the country of thousands of lakes.

No wonder why, it has 11,000 lakes and over 20,000 rivers and brooks that form cosmic landscapes.

Blue, deep blue and almost black mirrors of lakes are either hidden in forest wilderness or glimmer joyfully among meadows.

The video above shows the inexplicable beauty of frosty Narach lake and burning Nioman river.

5. The sounds of the city

Have you ever thought what sounds define Belarus’ capital?

Is it the songs of birds and bicycles crick-cracking in the parks, the roaring of the first morning trams, the bargaining voices of Komarovka or street music and laughter on Zybitskaya?

Close your eyes and try to guess the landmark.

6. Changing seasons

Rain or shine, winter or summer, nature of Belarus is stunning any day of the year.

Watch the video and if you say otherwise – feel free to close the article and never look back.

7. Mysterious Belarus

And when you just think you’ve seen it all, this mind-blowingly beautiful video emerges.