VIDEO: 5 Social Situations When Belarusian Is Spoken In Belarus

Although Belarus formally has two official languages, one of them clearly dominates in everyday life. While you’ll hear Belarusian on TV and in transport, see it in newspapers and on street signs, you will very seldom hear it spoken by people.

belarusian language

A Frenchman Conor, the author of a Youtube blog, talked to a girl from Belarus about the social situations, in which Belarusians would speak their native language.

Turns out those occasions are no very numerous. The video lists FIVE such instances:

  1. When a person watches a Belarusian play in theater and wants to feel closer to actors;
  2. If your date speaks it;
  3. When a person visits their relatives, usually older ones, in a village;
  4. If you’re part of the political opposition and want to be elected;
  5. And, finally, on the National Day of the Belarusian Language.

Do you agree? What were other situations when you heard Belarusian in the streets? 😉

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