U.S. Prolongs Sanctions Relief To Nine Belarusian Companies

The United States extended sanctions relief for nine Belarusian companies, the U.S. Department of Treasury reported on 28 April.

The decision will be in place for another six months till 30 October 2017.

The Department of the Treasury issued a new waiver on Friday extending the relief for the Belarusian companies that had been put under sanctions in line with U.S. President’s Decree No.13405.

The USA first relieved sanctions against Belarusian Oil Trade House, Belneftekhim, Belneftekhim USA, Belshina, Grodno Azot, Grodno Khimvolokno, Lakokraska, Naftan and Polotsk Steklovolokno for six months in October 2015.

The relief was extended in April and October 2016.

American companies can engage in transactions with the above mentioned Belarusian companies, but in case such transactions exceed $50,000, they must file a report to the U.S. Department of State within 30 days.

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In mid April, Reuters cited political insiders who said that forthcoming sanctions relief decision would most likely be favourable to Belarus despite police violence against peaceful protesters earlier in March.

The suspension of restrictive measures against Belarusian enterprises was America’s response to the release of political prisoners in 2015, calm presidential elections in October of the same year and first opposition MPs in the parliament in 12 years after the elections of 2016.

Source: TUT.BY