US Department of State Invites Belarus’ Economy Officials To Washington

A delegation of  high-level economic officials from Belarus paid a visit to Washington on 6 to 10 December at the invitation of the US Department of State, the Belarusian Foreign Ministry told the media on Monday, 12 December. 


The delegation comprised the Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration of Belarus Nikolai Snopkov, Belarus’ President aid Vsevolod Yanchevskii, representatives of the National Bank, the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Economy, other ministries and departments.

Belarusian officials held meetings with the representatives of the US Department of State, the Department of Commerce, Office of the US Trade Representative, the Federal Communications Commission, the Ministry of Agriculture, US Agency for International Development (USAID).

The sides talked over economic and investment cooperation between the two countries and agreed to boost bilateral cooperation in finance and investment, high technology, agriculture and energy.

The officials also met with investors and representatives of big companies like Microsoft, AGCO, Case New Holland and others to talk over investment projects in Belarus.

Finally, the Belarusian delegation held a meeting with a representative of the IMF regarding the preparation of the IMF program for Belarus.