Tourist Info Сenter About Visa-Free Travels to Belarus Will Open In Lithuania In January

516999_main_grodnoThe center will offer information about visa-free travels to Grodno will be opened in Lithuania in January 2017, Grodno region officials said

The center will offer information about ways of visiting Grodno region with a focus on recreation in the visa-free zone. The tourism information center will be set up together with Lithuanian partners in the city of Birstonas.

Sections offering information about Grodno region will be opened later on in similar tourism information centers in three more cities – Marijampole, Alytus, and Lazdijai.

The information centers will tell foreigners how they can enter and leave the Augustow Canal Park in addition to offering other kinds of important tourism information.

“The tourism information centers will be established in Lithuania as part of information exchange program. In turn, part of the tourism information center in Grodno will be dedicated to the tourism potential of Lithuania. The same practice is used in cooperation with Polish colleagues”, said Oleg Andreichik, Head of the Sport and Tourism Office of the Grodno Region Executive Committee.

The official added that over 300 events of potential interest for foreign tourists are scheduled to take place in the region in 2017.

Earlier this year, a tourist information center of Grodno opened in the Polish Bialystok.

Preview photo: BelTA.