3 Reasons Why You Should Vote For Belarus In Eurovision Semi-Final Tonight

Belarus’ Naviband is performing as No14 in Eurovision 2017 Semi-Final tonight. The duo will compete against musicians from 17 other European countries for a trip to the final.

We have come up with three persuasive reasons to convince you to vote for Belarus.

1. Belarusian language – for the first time!

This year’s song from Belarus is in the Belarusian language, which is a quite bold move.

Starting 2004, when the country first stepped on Eurovision stage, all entries were sung in English. Naviband is thus the first participant from Belarus to bring the language, that is rarely spoken even in its home country, in front of the whole Europe.

The name of their song “Historyja majho žyccia” translates as “Story of my life” and tells about travel and love. It is simple, sincere and instantly recognisable by the hook “Hey! Hey! Hay-yay-yay-a-ho!”

If you want to know the lyrics in details, find the English translation here.

2. Our last time in the final was long ago

Belarus entered the contest in the same year that semi-finals began to be used to determine who would compete in the final.

We have so far managed to qualify for the final only four times: in 2007 with Dmitry Koldun, in 2010 with band 3+2, in 2013 with Alyona Lanskaya and in 2014 with Teo.

So, we might go desperate and even quit Eurovision at all (joke!) unless we make it to the final this year.

3. Longer visa-free term if Eurovision comes to Belarus

When 5-day visa-free entry to Belarus was introduced in the beginning of this year, many tourists complained that this is not enough.

Well, let’s imagine how things might change if Eurovision 2018 (or 2019, etc.) comes to Minsk. Considering that two semi-finals and the grand final alone take 5 days, the authorities will obviously have to extend visa-free stay for the participants and guests of the event to allow them to arrive and leave the country comfortably.

This experience could then encourage the authorities to leave things as they are after the contest as well!

Would be great, wouldn’t it?

So turn on your TV at 22:00 and prepare to vote Belarus!

Pictures and video: TUT.BY, esctoday.com