This Map Of Europe Reveals The BIGGEST Stereotype About Belarus

An infographic map made by Czech linguist, mathematician, and artist Jakub Marian has pointed out the underlying perceptions of European countries, as suggested by Google’s autocomplete function.

Jakub searched Google to investigate what people wanted to find out about a country, using the question:

Why is [country] 

He then put the autocomplete suggestions on the map and here’s what he got:


Many of the results are linked to current news events. People are trying to find out more about Russia’s military operations in Syria or about the British withdrawal from the EU.

“And then, of course, there are lots of stereotypes: Apparently, the Czechs are atheists, the Poles Catholics, and the Danes happy”, Jakub writes.

So what do we get when it comes to Belarus?


Yep, still, after 25 years of independence!!!