This DISABLED guy is riding 3000km around Europe on a HAND-BIKE

How many people would attempt to ride through a dozen of European countries on a bike? And can you imagine a person who can’t walk doing that on a hand-bike?

Sasha Avdevich from Lida, a town in Belarus, is the one. He decided on a 3000km adventure to prove that a disability should not be an obstacle to fulfilling one’s dreams.


His trip started on July 1. Sasha crossed Lithuania and is in Latvia now. His route includes Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Belgium and other European states.

“I’d passionately like to reach Portugal. If I do this, it will be awesome. But if I don’t feel well, I might have to change the route”, he said several days before the start.


The hand-bike Sasha is riding was made in Austria specially for him. The necessary sum of money was crowdfunded. Initially, Sasha planned to ride through USA, from East to West, but things with an American visa didn’t work out.

A road accident made Sasha disabled five years ago. Since then, the young man can move only in a wheelchair. To get used to camping conditions, he travelled 400 km around Belarus.

During his trip Sasha plans to sleep in a tent and sometimes in hostels. He is also documenting his way in Youtube (InvaLIFE), Instagram (@avdevich) and Facebook with a hashtag #‎BelarusAlien‬.

You can follow and support Sasha (or maybe even meet him )! We keep fingers crossed for Portugal!