The Expendables Star Tastes Draniki And Rides a Tank During a Weekend in Minsk

Belarus looks like a magnet for retiring movie stars – we’ve had Depardieu moving grass and Seagal tasting carrots here. This weekend another guest from Hollywood was invited to spend a weekend in the capital.

Dolph Lundgren came in Minsk at the invitation of WoT developer to be an ambassador of a new line of Swedish tanks in the game. The actor confessed it was “the most unusual title” in his career.

Before choosing a celebrity to be the WoT Swedish tanks ambassador, Wargaming actually launched online voting.


The company said it was choosing from many candidates, including ABBA and Zlatan Ibrahimovic, but the players gave the title to Lundgren, whose is remembered by most of ‘tankees’ for his roles in Rocky IVShowdown in Little Tokyo, and, of course, The Expendables.

Reenactment battle in Minsk! ?

Видео опубликовано Dolph Lundgren (@dolphlundgren)

It was the first time in Belarus for Dolph, and the actor said he liked the country.

“I’ve seen the WWII museum and the tanks in the Stalin Line. The city looks really beautiful, very clean, and people seem extremelly friendly”, the actor told the media.


Dolph Lundgren in the office of Wargaming in Minsk


Dolph Lundgren tried out a recently reconstructed KW-1, a heavy Soviet WWII tank


And demonstared his shooting skills in the Stalin Line museum complex

And the old soldier also liked draniki, he actually tasted them more than once!

“I grew up in the post-WWII generation. I am very interested in the history of it, it sort of shaped the world where we live. It happened here, in Belarus, so obvisouly it’s interesting to come here and experience it”, Lundgren confessed.



The actor also went on an excursion to the WWII museum in Minsk

He said he didn’t really know about Belarus before coming so he had no stereotypes about the country: “It seemed positive and organized to me.”

Lundgren joked that he might consider buying an apartment in Minsk. “The girls are very pretty and I am single you know”, the actor teased.

You’re welcome, Dolph!

Photo credits: TUT.BY, stalin-line.by.