Officials Announce Plans For 10-Day And Online Tourist Registration In 2018

There are plans to increase registration period for tourists in Belarus from 5 to 10 days, the Ministry of Internal Affairs announced.

The ministry has already prepared the relevant bill, the head of the Department of Citizenship and Migration Vadim Zaboronok told the media on Wednesday, 2 August.

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“It has nothing to do with the visa-free entry. We have been considering the increase for a long time – it was only a question of how many days there should be. As a result, at this stage, we decided to make it 10 days,” said Vadim Zaboronok.

New rules should come into force in 2018.

Besides, the ministry confirmed plans to introduce electronic registration. In this case, tourists won’t have to visit Citizenship and Migration Departments in person.

“A foreigner arrives, fills in an online form with personal data, indicates the expected period of stay and accommodation address – and that’s it,” the official explained.

Most likely the online registration will be free, he added.

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Currently, foreign visitors to Belarus have to register in police if their stay in the country exceeds five days. The registration must be done within the first five days since the arrival and costs 23 Belarusian rubles (~$12).

Authorities draw attention to the fact that all days are taken into account, except Sundays, public holidays and holidays, established by Belarus President. However, Departments of Citizenship and Migration are closed on Mondays.

The requirement does not apply to those tourists who enter Belarus visa free for 5 days.

Their number reached 36.5 thousand in less than six months, the ministry said. The number of violations is very small: only 140 people broke visa-free rules and stayed for longer than 5 days.

220 more tourists, who entered the country without a visa, applied for the prolongation of their stay due to serious reasons.