Minsk Tank Accident Gets 1.8 Mln Views As Fail Of The Week On Popular Youtube Channel

Do you remember the incautious tank that speeded and skidded during a military parade rehearsal in Minsk? Well, its fame has reached youtube now!

The video with the tank crushing into a tree and knocking down the lamp post was included into the Fails of the Week compilation by the FailArmy Youtube channel.

The channel posts epic fail videos and hilarious compilations and has over 12 million subscribers.

The new compilation was publised online last week and got over 1.8 million views in 5 days.

Users have left many comments about the tank accident, comparing it to GTA and some predictably mistakening Belarus with Russia:

The accident occured in Minsk about two weeks ago during the rehearsal of the 3 July parade.

One of the tanks was running late and speeding to catch up with the rest of the column. At some point the heavy vehicle skidded on the wet asphalt, jerked and hit down a lamp post.

The Ministry of Defence blamed bad weather on the crush. It said the tank was in good order and the mechanic did not get punished.

However, the vehicle got badly damaged and did not take part in the parade.