Playing Dirty. Swamp Football Tournament Takes Place In Smarhon

While the whole world is going crazy about the 2018 FIFA World Cup, some Belarusians are more into a swamp football.

Yes, you read it right.

When it’s all gets wet and muddy, they put on their uniform to show what a true footbal in a swamp looks like.

People are wading, crawling and trying to make formations to shoot beautiful goals in deep, dark brown mud.

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This year a bizzare tournament took place in Smarhon and brought together teams from Zalesye, Astravyets and Iwye district.

If you’re tired of simple tourist attractions and looking for some thrill and fun, this event will give it all.

Swamp football or soccer is a form of association football that is played in bogs or swamps.

It was officially born in Finland, and now is most popular in Russia, Holland, Brazil, Sweden, Iceland and the UK.

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Initially it was used as an exercise activity for athletes and soldiers, since playing on soft bog is physically demanding.

The pitch for this sport can be actually prepared almost anywhere – all you only need is two gates and mud turf.

They say the rules are as simple as in regular football but with few major exceptions.

The player who lost his shoe must leave the pitch and players without a sense of humour are not let in.

Source: oblsport.grodno.by