We Picked Up 9 Vital Tips To Help You Survive Belarus’ Winter

The country’s winter can be dark, gloomy and severe but don’t worry we’ve got your back! BelarusFeed compiled a list of vital tips to help you through the cold, sunless months. 

These 15 indoor and outdoor activities won’t let you fall into winter hibernation and will prove that Belarus winter is magical and full of wonders.

1. Stay warm

An obvious but still necessary reminder.

Fight the cold via hand-made warm sweaters, woolen socks and mittens bought from local “babushkas” near Kamarowka or some other marketplace.

Sporting thermal underwear is also an option!

2. Drink tea, not vodka!

Keeping our bodies healthy and strong during winter can be a challenge.

Thankfully, herbal teas can help you with everything from easing a cold to fighting infection and nausea.

Don’t forget to get yourself a piece of a traditional apple pie “Sharlotka” with local seasonal fruits and berries.

3. Meet Father Frost

People wearing Father Frost outfits dance during a traditional pre-New Year parade in central Minsk on December 23, 2012. 

Want to bring some fairy tale into your life? Go straight to Białowieża Forest where you will meet Father Frost (don’t mix up with Santa Clause) and his lovely grand-daughter Sniegurochka.

The most ancient visa-free forest in Europe and characters of Belarusian fairy tales won’t leave you indifferent!

4. Break the ice

Stop being a couch potato, it’s high time to break first ice at ice rinks at the Minsk Sports Palace, Minsk Ice Sports Palace or Zamok Shopping Mall.

5. Enjoy nature

Belarusian severe frosts, knee-deep snow and endless holiday festivities. Perfect time for… hold on with sleeping.

Dig into nature and enjoy some birdwatching! Pick up your thermos, binoculars and keep your eyes wide open to watch some unique birds.

6. Learn Belarusian

Feeling a bit apathetic? Winter is the best time to stay at home and learn something new.

Why not learn 15 melodious Belarusian words that can melt the hearts of your Belarusian friends?

7. Unwind and relax

What can be better in winter than some alone time in a steamy sauna? Pretty much nothing.

Sweat all of your stresses away at Waterpark Lebyazhy or break out of the winter doldrums at Sports and Health Improving Complex Freestyle.

8. Christmas shopping

Everybody knows that shopping is the best therapy and nothing can beat it when it comes to the Christmas season.

Look for gifts for your friends and loved ones at Christmas bazaars, festive local store markets or handicraft fairs.

9. Cook and eat well

Learn how to cook traditional New Year meals. Have you ever heard about Olivier salad (popular salad at post-USSR countries) or kholodets (meat jelly dish)?

Okay, we got it. You want nothing but to laze around.

Go visit brand new cafe spots, the pet friendly “Seadog&Friends” or try handmade pelmeni and vareniki at Varenik cafe.

If you are more into traditional Belarusian cuisine, then take a bite of local dishes in modern interpretation at Litviny restaurant.

Photo credits: TUT.BY, Viktor Drachev/AFP/Getty Images