11 Places With Yummy Street Food In Minsk

One of the best ways to get to know the country is to taste local food. But we don’t want you to spend time sitting inside the restaurants when the weather is nice outside!

So here is the list of popular street food spots of Minsk.


1. Khutka-Smachna

This place is the “old school” of Minsk street food. It was set up in the beginning of 90s and didn’t have any competitors for a long time.

Some years ago one could see Khutka-Smachna all over the city, but only two stations have survived until now.

One of them is opposite the big American rival McDonald’s on Nemiga, the other one – in Yakuba Kolasa street.

If you’re prepared to take the risk, try the mini-pizza called ‘Zlatka’ (€1) and hot-dog ‘Hadun’ (€1).

2. Mirazh

Our heart’s crying and logic tells us to stop, but we’re still doing it – telling you the spot with the best shawarma in town.

Legendary among lovers of street food, Mirazh is open till 6 a.m. (!!!) and makes juicy shawarmas with the minimum of vegetables and the maximum of meat.

Besides kebabs, the cafe (see location) has pancakes with cheese, ham, mushrooms and chicken, hot-dogs, pizzas, sandwiches and pilaf on the menu.

The only drawback is that you would most probably have to wait in line with other hungry people. But its totally worth the pleasure!

3. Zhvavy Kuhar

You will spot Zhvavy kuhar easily as it is a booth on wheels!

This small truck with kebabs and hamburgers made in the best traditions of European street food is located in Uručča.

The menu includes everything from Belarusian draniki with sour cream (€1,5) and to Polish kebabs (€2.6).

Here you can also find tortilla (€2.6 – 3.3), hot dogs (€1.5 – 2.3 €), hamburgers (€2.8 – 3.3), chicken wings (€2.6) and French fries (€1).

4. Testo

Testo is a café (find it here) with pies and donuts.

For a small price one can get pies with a wide variety of fillings – from cheese, fish and potato to sweet fillings like chocolate, condenced milk, blackberries,etc.

All of these comes at moderate prices starting from €0.7 for pies and €0.33 for donuts.

5. Depo

Every local will tell you: you want pancakes, you go to Depo.

Depo is cozy café in Kastryčnickaja street, and we assume you know that besides food visitors get some of the most picturesque views of Minsk there.

The curious offers in the menu are pancakes with goat cheese, salmon and arugula; pancakes with ham, chicken, mozzarella and mayonnaise for €2; or turkey, apples, Dorblu cheese and Balsamic sauce.

There’s also a wide variety of sweet pancakes and a vegetarian menu.

Every pancake comes with a well-wish that the stuff writes in Belarusian, English or their combination.

Another Depo appeared last year on Zybitskaya. Guests can choose from over 40 (!) varieties of pancakes there.

6. Laŭka

Laŭka is next door to Depo in Kastryčnickaja.

Be prepared to wait for your order here: the place has built reputation on mouth-watering sandwiches that are served from 24/7 (they only take a small break between 4 and 5 a.m.).

Those are accompanied with excellent coffee, tea and hot chocolate.

7. Il Grottino

This small place in Internacyjanalnaja street cooks all kinds of pizza in mini format.

Small pizzas will easily fit your hand and prices are very democratic. For example, 200 grams of pizza will cost you about €1.

Here you can find everything from classic Margherita to pizza with artichokes or roasted potato.

8. Maslenitsa

This is another popular pancake place.

Maslenitsa cafes may be inferior to Depo in terms of diversity, but this is offset by low prices.

The cost of pancakes starts from €0.5; the most expensive are the pancakes with red caviar to €2.

Cafes are located all around Minsk.

9. Kroshka-Kartoshka

Kroshka-Kartoshka is a Russian franchise famous for its roasted potatoes with different fillings. The cafes are in Galileo and Galleria shopping malls and serve other dishes of Russian cuisine, too.

If you think potato dishes can’t surprise you, Kroshka-Kartoshka may really make you change this opinion.

Their potatoes are cooked in all manners: with dill and vegetable oil, salmon, butter, smoked meat to name just a few.

And in case your stomach feels unfilled after that, continue the exploration of Russian food with mimoza or dressed herring salads, borscht and kholodets soups.

10. Kartoffel

Kartoffel is the Belarusian answer to Kroshka-Kartoshka.

The most expensive dish they serve is potato stuffed with mozzarella, butter, cream cheese, farm-raised salmon, salad mix, sour cream and greens for €3, while the cheapest one is offered at €2.

There is also an additional option: you can choose 5 different fillings with a sauce for €3.3.

The cafe is in Galleria shopping mall.

11. Monkey Food

This is the first Belarusian vegan street food service.

Monkey’s menu includes burgers with chickpea, spinach, pickles and vegetables (€2), rolls with kebab (€2 – 3) and falafel (€ 1.6- 2.3), hummus, tahina, pies with tofu and cabbage and other tasty and healthy things.

Following the healthy philosophy, their deliver food on bikes.

Monkey Food is a frequent guest of food festivals in Minsk.

By Liza Karpovich for BelarusFeed.

* all prices in the text are for information purpose only. They can change with time and vary depending on the exchange rate.