Birdwatching And Sunbathing. Stork On The Beach In Pinsk

You already know from our article why Belarus is a perfect place for birdwatching. You also learned about how and when it’s better to watch birds in Belarusian nature.  

This time you don’t have to rush into dangerous swamps or dark forests – rather visit the city of Pinsk in the south of Belarus.


There on the public beach you may meet a stork. It’s very curious, not afraid of sunbathing people and willingly accepts their various treats.

This long-legged bird often visits the city beach in Pinsk but also – when gets bored or hungry-  strolls along Lenin Square from time to time.

Photo by media-polesye.by. 
Source: tut.by.
Photos from social networks: Svetlana Petrashkevich, Alina Deyneko, Tatyana Gorovaya, Svetlana Bogovich.