Steven Seagal Meets Lukashenko and Belarusians Go Crazy About It

Yesterday the actor Steven Seagal visited the Wargaming’s office and had a short excursion around Minsk. In the evening he casually dropped in at Belarus’ president Alexander Lukashenko.


The two discussed farming and agriculture and then had a dinner together. The American guest was treated with Belarusian dishes – kholodnik (cold Borscht), potatoes, salo.


Lukashenko presented Segal with some gifts, including Belarusian flax,  a cutlass, and a book.


Steven Seagal, in his words, had been dreaming of being introduced to Alexander Lukashenko for a long time and was persistently asking for a meeting before his visit to Minsk. The guest confessed he has a special attitude to Belarus because he family ties with the country.

When the media reported about the meeting, social network went crazy. Users started joking how serious Seagal was when tasting a carrot from the president’s farm and noted the abundant table that the company was sitting at.

“Your face when you know about Zen and the power of beta-carotene”.

“Steven Seagal is telling the president about Pamela Anderson”.

“Keeps his word. No potatoes and salo for dinner”.

Some started fantasizing about other celebs that could come to Belarus.

“Tomorrow’s headlines:

Jack Nicholson driving a MAZ.
Kim Kardashian chooses Milavitsa lingerie.
Ronaldo feels bad after tasting Kashtan ice-cream”.

“Schwarzenegger: “Curd snacks from Minsk are my favourite. Adore cocoa flavored!”