6 Stereotypical Maps Of Europe That Are Actually Flattering To Belarus

Belarus is one of the least discovered countries in Europe that has many different stereotypes attached to it.

Apparently some stereotypes are not bad after all!


Living in Spain, Bulgarian-born graphic artist Yanko Tsvetkov is very well aware of the ridiculous prejudices people hold against each other.

His experience turned into the Atlas of Prejudice, a project with maps that combine history with the most hilarious stereotypes. One of the chapters of the Atlas is entitled Tearing Europe Apart and examines the cultural divide of the small but versatile continent.

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BelarusFeed has decided to look at them from a different perspective – of 20 stereotypes maps drawn by Yanko we’ve chosen the ones that are kinda flattering.

To Belarus, of course.


Belarus has ancient history, but many of it was swept away with wars.

For example, did you know that after WWII 80% of the houses and infrastructure in Minsk were reduced to rubble, while the city’s population plummeted from 300,000 to a mere 50,000 people?

So is with many other cities and towns that has to be rebuilt from scratch in 1940s-1950s.


Everyone knows that Belarusians are great potato lovers!


100% true!

We work at work and then we work at our daschas at wekeends!


Italians and Spanish with their laughter and hand-speaking would be looked at as mad people here.



See map No3!


Everything that can be fixed, is fixed in Belarus. Even shoe bottoms!

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