Someone Adds Scandal To Controversial Street Art Gifted To Minsk By Moscow

An unnamed artist has re-drawn a controversial huge graffiti on a high-rise building in Minsk. It all happened in broad daylight – an no one had a glimpse of suspicion!

The mural is depicting a girl (Moscow) and a boy (Minsk), who is presenting a bouquet of flowers to his friend.

It was created in summer as a gift from Moscow to Minsk, and sparked a controversial reaction in society. Someone said the image is ok, others saw it as a piece of propaganda and not art.

minsk_i_moskva-graffiti-1 (1)

On Monday citizens noted new details added to the mural – barbed wire has appeared in a bouquet in boy’s hands and in a wreath on girl’s head.


minsk_i_moskva-graffiti-3 (1)

The author of the additions in unknown, but it appears he didn’t even hide when drawing.

Everything was done calmly on Sunday morning with local passing by.


The artist adding details to street art on Sunday, picture by an eyewitness

Explaining his motives, the artist told the media that he sees a hidden threat in the relations between Belarus and Russia.

“I see relations between our countries as a process with a lot of hidden pitfalls and dangers, which we are trying to hide under daisies. Let’s say this drawing is the truth that we didn’t manage to hide.”


That’s how the graffiti looked before

The man noted that his main point was to add a new meaning to someone else’s work: “I’ll leave interpretations to the public.”

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Pictures: Egor Budgawl, TUT.BY