VIDEO: Pranker Falls Asleep In Odd Places And Films How People React

A guy from Minsk pretended to be sleeping in completely odd places and made a video with people’s reactions to his prank.

That’s me every Monday!

sleeping prank belarus

A Minsk guy, who calls himself Nikolas Wild, took his pillow and blanket along and pretended to be sleeping on a bench, on a floor in a supermarket and even in a tram.

The most dangerous of the ‘beds’ was probably on a pedestrian crossing.

While this one in a furniture store seems even appropriate:

At least, the staff did not mind!

The sleeping prank is not the first one for Nick. He started filming jokes a year ago.

For example, in a video filmed just after Belarus got the new money the pranker tried to pay for a coffee with green leaves insted of real cash. Users on Youtube – the video was watched over 25,000 times – did not appreciate the joke and said it was “childish”.

Looks like Nikolas is trying to up the stakes!

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