Join Free Sightseeing Tours In Belarus On 21-22 April

The festival of tourist guides Guides Fest will be held on 21 and 22 April, showcasing amazing attractions, rich culture and fascinating people of Belarus.

Discover Belarus for free!

Minskers and guests are invited to sign up for free tours and join exciting walks to see the city from new angles!

What is even more pleasant about the event is that it requires no money at all, all sightseeing tours are free.

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Local and international tourists are invited to take part in various literature, biking, and animated tours.

Those confident in their knoweledge can try themselves in mind-twisting games and quests dedicated to historic events and culture.

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A variety of unusual sightseeing tours, excursions and master classes are also planned this year.

Besides, the organisers arranged special tours for kids and people with disabilities.

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The festival of tourist guides has been held in Belarus since 2009.

It is timed to International Day for Monuments and Sites, which is celebrated on 18 April upon UNESCO’s initiative.

Last year Guides Fest included about 150 events including three English-language excursions.

Similar festivals will be held in Warsaw, Prague, Lvov, and other big cities.

Source: BelTA