Frontman Of Popular Metal Band Wears Things With Belarusian Patterns – For VERY Sweet Reason!

Frontman of the popular Brazilian band Sepultura Derrick Green was spotted wearing a Belarus-made T-shirt with traditional patterns. Everyone is asking why – and it appears there’s a very sweet reason behind it!

As the media have found out, Derrick is in love with a Belarusian girl.

Yuliya, or Nika as she calls herself online, Smirnova, lives in Minsk, plays the violin and enjoys accessories design.

sepultura frontman belarusian girl_01

The 46-years-old musician and 27-years-old designer met at Sepultura’s concert in club Re:Public in Minsk a few years ago.

Yulia told journalists that she was selling her bracelets and passport covers there. After the show, the girl went to the dressing room to present her works to musicians as she usually did.

sepultura belarus love 2

Yuliya and the stall with her designs at a fashion market in Minsk. Photo: vk.com


“I’ve loved heavy metal since childhood, and had been listening to Sepultura for eight years by that time. I brought bracelets and wanted to gift them to the guys”, the Belarusian shared.

Later Derrick found her online and the love story began. Since then, Yulia has traveled to São Paulo and her boyfriend has visited Minsk.

sepultura belarus love 6

Yuliya visited her boyfrined in Brazil. Photo: vk.com


“He wanted to see how people live. He is interested in our culture. But it was extremelly cold in those days, -24°C, so we couldn’t do a lot of walking. I knitted Derrick a scarf to keep him warm”, the girl said.

The couple moved around the city by metro and visited several cafes – but the musician was recognised in one only.


Derrick Green in a cafe in Minsk city centre. Photo: Facebook

Derrick Green is a vegetarian, so it wasn’t easy for him to find a place to eat out in Minsk.

The American tasted some of Belarusian cuisine that Yuliya cooked for him at home. The musician loved draniki, dumplings with potatoes and mushrooms, veggie and mushroom soups.

In Minsk he bought a T-shirt with traditional patters and a quote ‘Listen to native music!’. And wants another one – where ‘Belarus’ would be written in Cyrillic letters.

sepultura belarus love 3

The couple in Brazil. Photo: vk.com

Yuliya plans to visit her love in Brazil soon and then probably move to the USA to live with Derrick.

The girl, who is a law school graduate, said she would like to pursue a career in design and take care of the family in future.