Top Secret Soviet Bunker Opened For Tourists In Belarus

Thirty years ago, the bunker near Shchuchyn in Grodno region was a military secret facility. Now it is open for local and foreign tourists, Grodno Plus reports.

Discover what is hidden behind the concrete walls.

In Soviet times the secret bunker was a place where decisions about flight operations were taken.

Immediately after the collapse of the USSR, the bunker was handed over to the Belarusian military and then to the local authorities.


For a long time it was unclear what to do with a unique object that was lucky not to be looted.

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The idea came unexpectedly – leave everything intact and start conducting excursions.

Massive doors, several degrees of air purification and a special system of pressure from inside the building.

Everything is planned that way so that in case of a nuclear strike the leadership could continue to control air division.

A protected command post is two floors underground and provides a month of autonomous life.

Even after 15 years of downtime, it is not that easy to detect the point.

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Good disguise and almost complete lack of information on the internet hides it from prying eyes.

One year ago the complex was rented by a travel company that recreated the atmospher of the military past.

Special scenarios for tourists, realistic surroundings and other surprises are planned for the guests of the place.

However, what exactly awaits the curious visitors remains top miltary secret.