Another Brick In The Wall? 3rd-Grader Addresses President Lukashenko In Viral Video

Third-grade student Vanya from Mogilev school recorded a video message to President Alexander Lukashenko that has become viral in an instant.

Out of the mouths of babes, they say.

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In the video, the 8-year-old says that the education system has recently been discussed a lot in the news.

Politicians, ministers and even the president talked about grading scale assessment systems, the school uniform and class start times.

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“But the opinion of the schoolchildren is ignored for some reason. Why is that so? Aren’t we human?

My mom said that you rarely use the Internet, this is why I ask Natalia Eismont (the president’s press-secretary) or Kolya to show you this video.”

The schoolboy has also calculated how much time he needs to get up in the morning, have breakfast and not be late for school. 

“Mr President, this is not really important when the classes start, what really matters is what children are doing there,” the boy comes to the conclusion.

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Vanya has also promised to film a series of videos about nutrition at school, uniform and sports, for the president, students and their parents.

It will be recalled that earlier this year Alexander Lukashenka instructed to review the school schedules.

Soon after that, many institutions considered the option to start classes at 8.30 or 9 am, the issue is still under consideration.

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