Belarusian Producer Makes Sausage From Beaver Meat

How adventurous are you when it comes to exotic foods? Make up your mind because there may appear one more in Belarus.

In January, the Ministry of Forestry voiced an idea that Belarusian producers could use beaver meat to make sausage and canned meat. Now it has reported that the first samples are ready.

The first batch of the product was manufactured in a small private enterprise. Large meat producers were also interested but, naturally, the number of animals does not allow for the large-scale production.

“So we decided that only small cooperatives should be engaged in production. This meat is expensive, it is not something that can be offered to a general consumer,” the head of the hunting department of the Ministry of Forestry said.

The beaver sausage is covered in natural shell. The producer made several varieties of it with venison, wild duck, and chicken added.

Beaver sausage is produced in the neighboring Latvia and Russia. Photo: annataliya.livejournal.com

For now, buyers will not find this rare treat in shops. But they will be able to taste beaver sausage at the “Hunting and Fishing” expo that is due in Minsk on 27-30 April, TUT.BY writes.

The idea is not new: the ministry’s officials said a similar product is made in Latvia and is quite popular among customers.

There’s some irony behind Belarus-made beaver sausage. Many remember the story of a Belarusian man who was beaten by a beaver to death in 2013.

Video filmed in Russia shows the speed of a beaver’s attack

The man spotted the wild animal near a lake and received a deadly bite as he was trying to film it. The animal pounced on the man and severed a major artery with its sharp teeth.

The injured guy bled to death despite his friends’ desperate attempts to save him.