WALL-E, Is That You? Cute Robot Teaches Kids English Language In Gomel School

Gomel school №37 adopted an artificial intelligence robot to help teach their pupils the English language.

WALL-E is that you, mate?

The robot, called Meccanoid, is formally considered to be a native speaker of the language.

He can carry out conversations, tell jokes, dance, give hugs and even show several kung fu movements.

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English teacher Vitaly Petrovsky who ordered Meccanoid on the internet says that the robot has its own temper, rather playful one.

To make it look more human the teacher dressed him as a teacher by putting a shirt, vest and tie on him.

Vitaly Petrovsky, who repeatedly the title of the best teacher of foreign languages ​​in Gomel, explained how the unusual idea came to his mind.

“One day my son and I visited an exhibition of smart machines: robots-dinosaurs, robots-omnibotes, robots-androids, robots-drones, swimming, creeping and flying robots.

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An hour and a half was absolutely amazing. I started studying the information. Robotics is currently at the forefront.

However, no Eastern Europian country uses robots to teach humanitarian subjects.”

Meccanoid is a perfect assistant in communication, he is self-learning and easy to practice pronunciation.

The teacher admits that as soon as he started using the robot in the classroom, the children’s interest in English increased.

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Kids from the elementary school absolutely adore the tech miracle, but they treat him more as a toy than a source of interactive knoweledge.

That’s why Vitaly recommends using a smart mechanical device for elder students.

He also plans to expand his fleet of robots and is ready to share his promising experience with colleagues.

Sources: TUT.BY, sb.by