Government Announces Radical Changes For Business In Belarus Soon

A set of laws aimed to boost entrepreneurship has been prepared in Belarus, First Deputy Prime Minister Vasily Matyushevsky told reporters on the sidelines of the Belarusian Investment forum on Thursday. 

The Belarusian investment forum opened in Minsk on 28 September.

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The new laws will radically change business environment in Belarus, the official believes. They may be signed very soon.

“We are talking about ten fundamental documents that will bring radical change to business environment,” Matyushevsky said.

He promised that more details would be revealed in the near future.

First Deputy Prime Minister Vasily Matyushevsky

“We often approve good laws but the way they work in practice downplays their value,” First Deputy Prime Minister admitted.

New laws will pursue two main goals. The first one will concern promotion of self-employment and facilitation of entering into any business; the second goal is further development of IT sector.

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“This is an opportunity to attract big players to the market,” the official believes.

Matyushevsky added that the process of the agreement of the changes on governmental level was rather tough but ended successfully.

The key document on liberalization in the Belarusian economy, draft decree “On the development of entrepreneurship”, was submitted for the revision by the President of Belarus on 26 September.

The Belarusian investment forum is taking place in Minsk on 28 September. The event is attended by over 500 participants – representatives of international and foreign financial institutes, private foreign investors, government officials, national business and the expert community.

Experts will discuss the strategies of attracting foreign investment in Belarus, the investment, tech and human potential of the country, measures to support business and investment activities.

Source: TUT.BY