Registration Time For Tourists In Belarus Will Be Extended To 10 Days

The Ministry of Internal Affairs has prepared a bill whereby foreigners in our country can register within 10 days instead of five.

Changes are coming.

At the moment a foreigner who comes to Belarus must register at the Citizenship and Migration Department within 5 business days.

The term of stay of foreigners without registration is planned to be increased to 10 days.

Moreover, tourists  living in agricultural guest houses and sanatoriums will be spared from registration for the entire period of stay.

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Besides, there will be a possibility to register via the Internet for free.

“We expect the bill to come into force next year,” Vadim Zaboronok, the head of the department of the Citizenship and Migration Department, said at the briefing.

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Technically, registration is a stamp in your passport with check-in and check-out dates.

Most hotels do it automatically, but if you are staying at a friend’s apartment or hostel it will be a bit complicated.

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The apartment host should accompany you to the local Migration Department to fill in the papers and get the stamp.

As you travel around, the same rule applies to the new destination. You must register within 5 business days after arriving to a new place in Belarus.

If you move around fast, register once or twice and keep all your tickets until you are out of the country.

Source: TUT.BY