Record Number Of Visa-Free Tourists Visit Grodno Over Past Weekend

Grodno has welcomed a record number of visa-free tourists since new travel rules were introduced in October 2016, the region’s travel officials told the media. Over 600 tourists visited the city last weekend.

The increase in tourist numbers is linked to the beginning of spring.


Photo: Rodion Kovenkin

“350-400 organized and individual tourists came to Grodno over the past two Saturdays”, officials said.

Most of them are from Lithuania. Grodno and the region are aslo popular among travelers from Poland, Latvia and Germany.

Overall, almost 6000 foreigners visited Grodno without a visa since October 2016, when 5-day visa-free entry to the region was introduced. They came from 32 countries.

Considering the rise in interest to Grodno, the region’s travel officials are planning to organize a promo tour for the representatives of Lithuanian travel agencies.

Similar tours around the city and the region will be organized for tour operators from other countries before the start of tourist season.

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Visa-free entry to Augustow Canal park, that includes Grodno and surrounding territories, was introduced starting 26 October 2016. The rules of entry are slightly different from the process of visa-free travel via Minsk airport.

Grodno region authorities also launched a website with travel rules and useful tourist information.