Public Transport Fares To Go Up In Belarus Despite Claims It Won’t Happen In 2017

Minsk and regions are increasing public transport fares. Prices already went up in three regions.

Last time fares went up in December 2016.

First increases were officially announced by transport authorities of Minsk, Gomel and Vitebsk regions.

In regions the cost of one trip grew from 45 to 50 kopecks (~$0.26). A ticket bought from a driver will cost 55 kopecks; a ticket for one trip in express buses – 60 kopecks (~$0.31).

The cost of monthly and other travel cards was raised as well.

As for the capital, Minsk has not announced new fares yet. They are currently under consideration at Minsk City Executive Committee.

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According to FINANCE.TUT.BY, public transport fares in Minsk will also go up by 5 kopecks: to 60 kopecks for one tripin the ground transport and to 65 kopecks for one metro ride.

At the same time, transport aгthorities want to raise the cost of a ticket bought from a driver from 60 kopecks to 1 Belarusian ruble (~$0.51).

Last time public transport fares in Belarus were raised in December 2016.

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It will be recalled that in September Deputy Minister of Transport and Communications said that no increases in fares were planned in 2017.

The average wage in Minsk in August reached 1,138 Belarusian rubles (~$580), in Belarus – 844 Belarusian rubles (~$430).