This Tourist Sign From Belarus May Be The Most Prohibitive Sign In The World

An information sign near a popular attraction seriously questions tourist-friendliness of Belarus.

Tourists can’t smoke, drink, ride a bicycle, roller skate, walk dogs, eat ice-cream and do 11 other things near the Mound of Glory, a WWII memorial complex near Minsk.

The super prohibitive sign was photographed by a tourist from the Netherlands.

“Not even radio active…”, the author of the picture wrote.

The trip to the monument seems a risky adventure considering the fact that the meaning of some pictograms is not immediately clear.

For example, does the last icon on the right mean that you can’t ride and fire a tank or that you aren’t allowed to bring dynamite along?

weird tourist sign belarus

On the bright side, they warn you about CCTV surveillance, so you know from the start you should behave ?

Anyway, Belarus is generally very welcoming towards guests and tourists. The visa-free travel law, adopted in January, is one of the many proofs of that.

Still we’d advise to check out the list of not-to-do things before you come. Just in case!