550,000 People Visited Most Popular Belarusian Museum In 2016. Were YOU One Of Them?

On the eve of the International Museum Day, celebrated on 18 May, the most visited museums of Belarus have been revealed.

The Great Patriotic War Museum has confidently won the first place. In 2016 it was visited by 559,600 people.

The runners-up are the memorial complex Brest Hero Fortress (423,300 visitors) and Niasvizh palace and park (412,400 visitors).

Interestingly, Brest Fortress became the No1 tourist attraction in Belarus according to Tripadvisor earlier this year.

Other most visited museums are Gomel Palace and Park Ensemble, Mir Castle and Memorial complex Khatyn.

Which of these places have you been to? Put a ⬆ next to it!

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