Polish Cow Escapes Slaughterhouse, Flees To Zubrs In Białowieża Forest

The cow which was supposed to go to the slaughter ran away from the village of Skupovo in Poland to the zubrs in Białowieża Forest, the local TV channel Polsat reports.

Never give up!

The animal along with other fellow “prisoners” escaped the farm through a hole in the fence late October.

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Most of the escapees were later captured and returned back to the farm.

However, the freedom loving cow was not planning to surrender.

She wandered around the countryside before finally joining the herd of zubrs at the Polish side of Belovezhskaya Pushcha.

The cow has been living with the zubrs –also known as wisents or the European bisons – for three months now and is still adapting to life with the wild herd.

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Polish experts note that it is rather difficult to catch the nimble fugitive as she is usually protected by her horned “step-brothers”.

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Leading researcher of the “Belovezhskaya Pushcha” National Park Aleksey Bunevich described the phenomenon as abnormal.

He also doubted that the cow would become a full member of the herd in the end.

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“Well, they can let her eat from their feeders. It’s still highly unlikely she will be percieved as one of them.”

Recall that last year a zubr from Belarus sneaked to Latvia to hang out with the local cows and eat apples.

The appearance of the wild animal caused great interest of local residents and hunters, who were ready to risk their safety to take a photo with the beast.