10+ Pics From The Hottest Summer Festival In Belarus

Last week belarusians rejoiced Kupalle, one of the oldest and coolest traditions of belarus. hundreds danced and jumped over the fire at the many big and small festivals across the country.

Kupalle is a pagan summer celebration.

It is about love, magic and nature’s fertility. The two important elements, accompanying this night, are water and fire.

Celebrations are organized in the open-air musems and parks, in towns or just anywhere near a river or lake bank.

Girls are weaving wreaths and let them float on water.

They believe that if the wreath drifts far away, a girl will get married this year. But ifthe wreath sails back, one will have to wait with love.

The most spectacular part of Kupalle festival is a huge bonfire.

And jumping over it, of course!

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Finally, at night young people would go to the woods looking for the elusive fern flower. 

This flower, never seen before, is believed to be able to gift unusual powers and treasures to a person who finds it.

Because of the difference in calendars, Kupalle is marked twice – around 23-24 June and on 6-7 July.

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