Minsk Airport Reports Almost 30% Increase In Passengers In H1

Passenger traffic in Minsk National Airport grew by 26.9% in January-June 2017 compared with the same period last year.

In June alone, the increase reached 22.2%, according to the figures of the airport’s website.

minsk airport passengers traffic

Overall, since the beginning of this year 1,079,000 people travelled via Minsk airport.

So far the airport serviced almost 11.5 thousand flights (up 9.3% from the same period last year). In June this figure totalled to 2,323 flights, which is 7.3% more than in June 2016.

Minsk airport welcomed its millionth passenger of 2017 in April. Its management expects the total yearly number of passengers to reach 4 million in 2020.

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Among the recent improvements for passengers the airport has recently introduced 3 hours of free wi-fi with the coverage of almost 100% of the territory.

Source: BelTA